Preparing for First Trail Marathon


Running along the Thames, Oxford UK © Hareesh

I have not yet run a marathon. I am preparing to run my first marathon in 2016, here in the U.K. I am not sure I will want to continue participating in races later on,  or may be continue on to ultra-marathons, but nothing yet planned. So, given that scope and context, the following posts are a collection of information fundamentally for my own preparation. I will publish each post as I learn and train.

Whenever I prepare for an exam or interview, I make notes as I read through a number of resources and practice mock-tests. It helps me structure my thinking and aids me in remember stuff in a logical order. Sharing those personal training notes here serves a secondary purpose of helping other first-timers in navigating a plethora of information on marathon running. Also, I think it might be used to gain some feedback from experienced and build on their words of wisdom.

So, here they are – all the (future) posts. As I publish a post, I will add a hyperlink to it below. Please leave a comment to suggest anything I missed and should focus on learning.

Table of Contents

  • Why I Am Running A Trail Marathon
    • Why a Marathon
    • Why a Trail Marathon
  • Equipment for Trail running
  • Preparing the body for trail marathon running
    • Trail running techniques
    • Fueling and rebuilding
    • Anatomy and marathon running
    • Dealing with Injuries
    • Recovery
    • Cold showers
    • Stretching
    • Sleep
    • Mindfulness running
  • Preparing the mind for trail marathon running
  • Training routine for trail marathon
    • Beginner
    • Intermediate
  • Dealing with affects on Time, money, relationships,  and so on
  • Techniques and terminology
    • Interval training
      • Extensive interval training
      • Intensive interval training
    • Cadence and the Running form
    • Tempo-running
    • Run-and-Play (reference to Velocity)
      • Extensive run-and-play
      • Intensive run-and-play
    • Strike (fore-foot, mid-foot, rear-foot)
    • Warming up
    • Cooling down
    • Gait
    • Pace
    • Speed
  • Miscellaneous musings
    • Pain vs. suffering
    • Speed vs. distance
    • Music vs. nature

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