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Desire to share an experience which one feels is valuable and ought not to be missed.

I am a business change and capability development professional, and this site is to share my beliefs, learning, and random ‘entitled’ opinions on various things from politics to pudding. Not strictly in that order.

George Orwell lists four major motives for his writing:

  • self-egoism
  • aesthetic enthusiasm
  • historical impulse
  • political purpose

While the last two motives may not be the most relevant to this site, I think writing helps me clarify my own stance, solidify my learning, and in that process makes me a better person. Also it is just a pure pleasure of sharing, I suppose, that works as another motive for this writing.

You can read any piece on this site without any particular order; however, for a much more guided understanding in to categories of each post, how they relate to each other, I would urge you to have a look at the beliefs I listed here. Each post I write on this site would relate to at least one of the beliefs. As you see, these beliefs range from political to personal trivialities, and for what it’s worth, each post is aimed to test the depth of each of my beliefs. If you see a blog post on how to engage in a small-talk, for example, and then you see it is tagged under my personal beliefs category,  it is just that I am trying to test my belief that quality time is achievable with some practice and some learning. This is the third motive of this site: to test the depths of each of my beliefs with some long-form, reflective writing.

The inspiration for sharing these publicly originate from a guy called Buster Benson. I loved the possibility of achieving clarity through writing down beliefs and sharing it publicly, and forked his idea to create my own.

The final motivation is to share my learning from professional life as a change management consultant, with posts ranging from how people learn, how to conduct workshops, to strategy and innovation management through facilitating learning.

I hope you find these interesting, if not useful, but will be very grateful if you share any thoughts or comments.